Droid and Prop Manufacturing

This section contains outdated information and is no longer accurate. It will soon be getting a refresh


The J.INC Astromech Department first started in 2014. Astromechs are the type of droid that Star Wars' R2-D2 is from. So far there have been eight generations of my droids. My droids were made on a budget and were created using cardboard and old robotics kits. While all the droids are different they fall into two categories, the new and old style. The new style is denoted by the letter X. Older droids are denoted with the letter L for Legacy. All props will soon be 3D printed as I now have access to better/higher end materials. 

Legacy Droids

R2-D2 (MK I): LA Class Astromech
R2-D2 (MK II): LB Class Astromech

New Droid

M2-A9 (Refit): XA Class Droid

R8-J7: LC Class Astromech
C2-F9 and R8-J7: LC and LD Class Astromechs
R4-N8: LF Class Astromech


The Droids are no longer posted on the @jacob.incorporated account and have moved to the @budget.ironman account. You may visit that page by clicking this link.