(3D Printing)

This section contains outdated information and is no longer accurate. It will soon be getting a refresh

J.INC LAB X Overview

Lab X is the 3D Printing and Manufacturing department of J.INC. As seen in the logo the designation is shown. L-001A is the first of more to come of Lab X locations. These products include things like keychains, 3D scans, and other 3D modeled objects.


As of right now I had four machines readily available to print whenever I want. I have two Printrbots (One Printrbot Simple Metal, and one Printrbot Jr.) These are the smaller printers. While they are less in size they are more in detail. The two larger printers (Cube 3 and Makerbot Replicator 2X) are better are printing larger objects but its a compromise for detail.


Using these machines I am able to create all sorts of fun things. Sometimes I print replacement or new parts for machines, sometimes I print objects for fun, and sometimes as birthday gifts. Some designs I have printed are featured in the slideshow to the right.

Some of these designs are 3D scans of real life objects, some of them are designs I modeled myself (Keychains, J.INC Merch), and some of them are designs I found on the internet and just wanted to make for myself. 

If you are interested in creating some designs or want an item, feel free to ask.

Please note that some of the designs in this are not my own and I do not take credit for them



The @jacob.incorporated account also posts things about 3D printing in addition to my vintage Apple machines. You can access the page by clicking this link.