Vintage AppleS

This section contains outdated information and is no longer accurate. It will soon be getting a refresh.

Vintage Apple Collection

While my primary focus is repair of modern technology I also enjoy collection vintage machines. In my opinion they are an important piece of history that deserves to be preserved. I am building a small collection of the most iconic Apple machines. This includes all time classics like the Apple II and the Macintosh. While both of these machines are critical in the evolution of Apple itself the Macintosh still has roots today in other machines like the iMac and other Macintosh machines.

J.INC also has its own YouTube channel called J.INC General. This channel consists of general content, Tech repair and reviews, and the building of astromechs.

J.INC TECH and vintage instagram

In addition to the YouTube Channel, I also have an Instagram page that I post vintage machines and more on. You can click this link to access it.